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Amélie is the bravest, strongest person I have ever known. Always smilng, she lit up every room she walked into, and stole the hearts of all she met.  She fought DIPG for 39 months, never once giving up, despite the rigors of treatment.  She opened up new avenues of hope for other children in doing so. Amélie knew she had a special mission during her short time here...she once said she was chosen to fight this battle because our family would never give up in its search for a cure, and she had to be the one to face it head-on because she was the bravest.  She truly was the bravest of us, and we will continue the fight for her. 

"It's the start of another Holiday season without Amélie.  Each holiday party, we always place a spot for her at the table because we know she is there with us in spirit.  But each year that goes by, we feel her absence that much stronger, and it becomes even more incomprehensible that there STILL is no cure for DIPG/DMG.  We keep raising awareness so that she, and all the children who left their families too soon, will continue to be remembered.  And we ask for donations so that no other families will have to spend the Holidays with an empty seat at the table." - Silvia Fernandes 

Thank you for choosing to donate to The Cure Starts Now Foundation. 100% of this donation, after credit card processing fees, goes directly towards research to find the homerun cure for cancer starting with pediatric brain cancer research.

If you would like to make a donation by mail please send a check to:  The Cure Starts Now Foundation; 10280 Chester Road; Cincinnati, OH 45215 and put the child's name in the memo.

The family receives notification of all donations made to this tribute fund automatically.

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