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DIY Fundraiser for The Cure Starts Now

A Grant for Grant 2024

Hi this is Julia. Three years ago on January 22, my twin brother Grant died from Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer. It was the saddest day of my life. I miss Grant every day.

Since 2021, with the help of Grant’s Wolf Pack, we have raised more than $200,000. That was enough to fund multiple research grants for Grant. This year, I want to raise enough to fund another for Grant and I think we can do it.

Our 11th birthday is on February 11th and it is our golden birthday this year. Can you help me by donating $11 for our 11th birthday? We will need a lot of people to donate, so please tell your family and friends.

My family now knows a lot of kids with cancer. We need more research for cures and also for treatments that aren’t so hard on kids’ bodies and brains.

All the money will go to The Cure Starts Now. 100% of the money funds brain cancer research. Thank you for remembering my brother and helping me fund a grant for Grant.

Love, Julia

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About the charity:
The Cure Starts Now is the largest funder of DIPG research in the world and also provides research funding for other brain cancers such as medulloblastoma.  Children are diagnosed with cancer every day and The Cure Starts Now is in the forefront of finding and funding a cure. This research focuses on innovative researchers, efficient funding and effective results.

Please email us if you have questions.  If you prefer to send a check, please make the check out to “The Cure Starts Now” and put my name in the memo and mail to CSN; Attn: DIY Fundraiser; 10280 Chester Rd; Cincinnati, OH 45215.

Thank you again for giving.  The cure starts with you…The Cure Starts NOW!

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