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Sadie Eirich's Fundraiser

Sadie, age 14, was beginning high school as a 9th grade Honors student in Fall of 2022. An extrovert and talented arts kid, Sadie volunteered at the library where her Mom worked, and was rehearsing for a play alongside her at a local theatre. 

An eye exam that October lead to an ER visit and an MRI confirming a brain tumor. They were immediately taken to a hospital in New Orleans, where Sadie underwent 5 brain surgeries and 40 days and nights in the PICU. In November 2022, Sadie was initially given a diagnosis of Pineoblastoma — which would later be revised to Medulloblastoma in the Pineal Region. 

In December 2022, the Eirich family had Sadie's care transferred to St. Jude, where Sadie rehabilitated from surgical complications and began chemotherapy treatment on Christmas Eve. They spent nine months in treatments at St. Jude — 30 rounds of proton radiation and 6 cycles of chemo — through September 2023. 

Sadie relearned everything from walking to swallowing, eating and speaking in the first months of this year. Sadie also worked hard to regain and process memories. Sadie amazed everyone with resilience, positivity and strength through a year long battle away from home, during which they lost so many of the “firsts” that should've come along with starting high school. 

Sadie is unique not only because of their extremely rare diagnosis, (the first documented case of Medulloblastoma in the Pineal Region in over 40 years and 1 of 7 ever documented), but because of their intelligence, compassion and empathy for all peoples and ability to persevere and create art through loss.

One of Sadie's goals is to ensure other kids and teens with illnesses and differences are included; they always reach out to others. Everyone in the clinic, staff and patients alike, lights up when they see Sadie in the halls. They are a child of rainbows, and the Eirich family never could have imagined how special Sadie would be to so many people. 

On September 14, 2023 Sadie received NED on scans following treatments! The Eirich family came home to Mandeville, La on September 25, 2023 and are now transitioning off-treatment. 

Sadie returns to St. Jude for scans and follow-ups in December, 2023 - a year after their journey at St. Jude began. 

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