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DIY Fundraiser for The Cure Starts Now

Dana Demos' Annual Ornament Exchange Fundraiser

The holidays are almost here and our 7th Annual Ladies Ornament Exchange is coming back to Winston's on the Green on December 7th!  

Last year we changed up this annual event to not only include our beloved ornament exchange, but this event became a fundraiser for The Cure Starts Now!  

Through raffles and the silent auction, we were able to raise over $3,000 for The Cure Starts Now in just one evening!   For those not familiar, The Cure Starts Now is a charity that raises money for pediatric cancer research, specifically DIPG brain cancer research.

Unfortunately, DIPG is more common than many know and it affects 150-300 children every year, INCLUDING CHILDREN IN OUR LOCAL AREA.  DIPG strikes at the heart of childhood and is incurable at this time.  DIPG represents 75-80% of all pediatric brainstem tumors, and is one of the most resistant of all cancers to chemotherapy and other treatments.  The funding for pediatric cancer trials continues to decline despite the fact that we have more than 26,000 children fighting some type of brain cancer.  This is why we are supporting The Cure Starts Now- 100% of the donations received go to research, and since 2007 The Cure Starts Now has raised over $30 million!  No child should have to suffer through a disease like DIPG, and no parent should ever have to lose their child.  We can help make a difference.

During the event, we will be raising money for The Cure Starts Now through gift basket raffles, a silent auction and direct donations can be made online or at the event.  The Facebook invite can be found at  Cash or check can be accepted for the raffle ticket sales and silent auction items, as well as electronic payments through a QR code at the event.  Checks can be made directly to The Cure Starts Now and ALL cash collected for the raffles/auction will go straight to the charity. 

100% of all donations go directly to pediatric cancer research so ever dollar makes a difference.  Please consider donating to this worthy cause and start giving these kids hope as they fight the deadliest of cancers.  Every bit helps.

About the charity:
The Cure Starts Now is the largest funder of DIPG research in the world and also provides research funding for other brain cancers such as medulloblastoma.  Children are diagnosed with cancer every day and The Cure Starts Now is in the forefront of finding and funding a cure. This research focuses on innovative researchers, efficient funding and effective results.

Please email us if you have questions.  If you prefer to send a check, please make the check out to “The Cure Starts Now” and put my name in the memo and mail to CSN; Attn: DIY Fundraiser; 10280 Chester Rd; Cincinnati, OH 45215.

Thank you again for giving.  The cure starts with you…The Cure Starts NOW!

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