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Alayna and her mother have been my best friends for years. I personally don't have children, but Alayna is my baby, my child, my whole world. My life has been revolved around her since she was born, her mom and I have been best friends since high school in 2008, after high school when I found my best friend was pregnant, it was such an exciting moment! I dropped everything and we got a place together, we raised Alayna and it’s been all about her ever since. This is the most hardest thing we’ve both ever faced. Alayna was born on October 20, 2012 in Sacramento CA. She is beautiful, so silly, caring, and strong. She gets these traits from her mother. Just 3 weeks after Alayna's 7th birthday, on November 11, 2019 Alayna went in for an MRI following what we all thought were symptoms caused by a previous concussion or her eyesight since she used glasses. Instead the following day she was diagnosed with DIPG. Alayna was able to undergo a biopsy in December 2019 at UCSF Children's hospital. Alayna was able to receive radiation treatments 5 days a week in Roseville, CA for 6 weeks and has completed her treatment. She is also on CBD and THC. She also received the shunt surgery due to swelling on her brain. Alayna recently had an MRI on March 4th 2020 and it showed growth or swelling from radiation and we are currently waiting on a response from UCSF Childrens hospital so they can analyze her scans and tests to she if she can participate in one of their clinical trials that her mom chose. Alayna is such a light in so many people's life, since starting all these life changes, she has not complained once and has been so strong, her spirit is still high and she still our same little Alayna. She is such a fighter and keeps our strength and faith up with her ongoing strong and beautiful personality. Please continue to PRAY for Alayna's miracle. PRAY for her mother's undeniable strength. PRAY for a cure to end this monster.

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